April 20, 2010

Power Your Website with These Free Collaboration Tools

There are many free coactive tools available online which can enrich your virtual company with attractive features to draw visitors. The top five free collaborative tools which can empower your web presence are mentioned below.

Dropbox is one of the best virtual hard drives, giving you up to 2 GB of free storage space on its servers. You can access Dropbox from any computer and use it to share presentations and spreadsheets. Basecamp is a power-packed project management tool which could help you in time management, tracking shared tasks, and due dates. Yammer is another user-friendly collaboration tool which is a company specific virtual hangout. It resembles Twitter but is accessible only for employees of a specific organization. Gmail and Google Docs are two hugely popular components of Google’s office suite which are user friendly, scalable and accessible from any computer. The good things about all these tools are that they are absolutely free.

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