March 24, 2010

Phone Halo Helps You Track Misplaced Valuables

Phone Halo devices help prevent loss and misplacement of things you are most likely to lose. Their product was introduced at DemoSpring yesterday. Phone Halo uses GPS, SMS, and e-mail to alert users if they have left their device somewhere. The alert also reveals location of the lost device; this is very helpful in tracking a phone if one can’t remember where it was misplaced.

The working of the system is quite simple – a dongle or halo is connected to your phone, wallet, or keys and the software is installed on your smartphone. With the help of Bluetooth, both of the registered devices start to ring if you get separated from either. Currently Phone Halo is available for Android and BlackBerry; talks are on for the facility to be made available for the iPhone pretty soon. But we are not so sure if it’s going to work as the iPhone does not support background processing.

Watch this Phone Halo video:

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