April 21, 2007

Overheard at the Web Spiders Web 2.0 Booth

During our three days at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Leadership Conference we had some great conversations with big and small – and new business owners. They asked us good questions, and we’d like to share some of these. We hope that Web Spiders will be partnering with many of these very interesting people and companies – however we wish each and everyone the best of success. And to the people who will benefit from these innovators and entrepreneurs, we say – wait till you see what is coming you way! Some of the questions we heard: How do I ensure protection of Intellectual Property? We heard this question a few times and we appreciate that this is a legitimate concern, specially for product companies. Our response was clear. First and foremost, we are not a product marketing company – but in the ‘OEM’ business.  The basis of our business is in long term client servicing and IP protection.  We are only going to be successful if you are successful and our 10th anniversary this year is a testament to a time-tested commitment.

What are the advantage of outsourcing with Web Spiders? Simply put, taking advantage of an onsite-offshore delivery model to deliver niche web 2.0 solutions e.g. Adobe Flex, AJAX etc. Our client list includes big names and very often we have won contracts against competition from the likes of IBM , Accenture , TCS and others.


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