Old Wine in New Bottle: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Content!

January 29, 2015

Old Wine in New Bottle: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Content!

Content Marketing

Old is gold. Well, repurposing old content might actually help you strike gold in generating more leads for your business. Mind you, the word is repurposing and not rehashing. Unlike rehashing, repurposing is not just about sprucing up the presentation.

It’s about maintaining the essence of a particular piece of content while you change either its structure or its intended audience. This might involve putting together a webinar with content from old blog posts, or using content from an e-book to create a series of newsletters. However, before you do all that, it is time to determine why you should repurpose content in the first place:

1. Generates leads in different stages of decision making – The conversion of a potential buyer to an actual buyer has different stages – awareness, contemplation and finally, decision. You need to repurpose the content in different formats so that you can reach the buyer at different stages.

2. Helps reach out to different sections of your audience – You can repurpose your content to reach out to different sections of your target audience. All of them might not share the same needs or be aware at the same level. For instance, if you are running an SEM campaign, you can create a data-heavy infographic for those who want to be updated on the trends. This, again, won’t work for those who are just starting out, and you might need to break down the information in simpler terms.

3. Saves time – Yes, even with all that format updating, you still save more time than you would, if you were to create the content from scratch.

4. More authority – Publishing high quality content on a particular topic in different forums can actually make people consider you as an authority on the subject.

5. Better rankings – You can target a particular keyword by creating multiple pieces of content on the same topic. You can also use your repurposed content in article directories for better search engine rankings.

Repurposed content can bring in more money for your business, if you actually know how to go about the process. Make a detailed plan before you start, in order to reap maximum benefits out of the process.

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