September 20, 2011

New Study Shows mCommerce Popularity Spiking At A Rapid Rate

A recent research conducted by none other than the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has brought forward some rather interesting news about mobile commerce (which is also referred to as mCommerce). As per the study, the average value of mobile transactions has gone up across the globe, by as much as £5.29 (which is equivalent to a 43.3% rise) in the last one year. The data was published in the latest report of IAB, and was based on a study conducted among 1,000 interviews done with people who regularly, or at least quite often, made use of mobile phones to shop for products and services in the last one year.

42% of the interviewees commented that they preferred using mCommerce websites to shop because it was the easiest way to get the job done. At the same time, as many as 7% of participants commented that they no longer believed computers were better for use in online shopping than mobile phones.

However, is anyone really surprised by the answer? The high degree of acceptance of mobile Internet among users of high end cell phones across the globe has built the perfect base for mCommerce websites to prosper anyway. With time, this can only increase further and make online shopping the most widely used method for commercial transactions.

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