April 09, 2010

New iPhone SDK Agreement Hits Out At Adobe

At the iPhone 4.0 event, where it showed some of the features of the new mobile OS, Apple also released a new beta SDK, with a new license agreement for developers. Apple is banning “applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer”. It is believed that the SDK agreement is lashing out at Adobe’s Flash CS5, which allows developers to port Flash apps to the iPhone.

The ban, condemned by many developers, is said to be directed at the Adobe’s Flash CS5 upcoming release. Adobe has been working on its iPhone OS technology for many months, and the ban will be a huge loss for the software developer. It has been hinted at that Apple’s move is a response to Adobe’s teaming with Google to improve Flash integration in Google Chrome.

To get more details on the story, click here.

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