October 15, 2010

New App Developed on event2mobile Platform for Reputed International Client

The mobile app development team at Web Spiders recently concluded working on developing an Apple application for a reputed international client, well-known as the world’s leading publisher of science and health information that serves more than 30 million scientists, students and health and information professionals worldwide.

The client had approached Web Spiders for a robust and powerful solution to help simplify the event management process for the many events organized by it frequently. An application, developed using Web Spiders’ proprietary event2mobile engine, was the answer to the client’s requirements.

The finished app was to serve as a portable event guide for select conferences organized by the client. In other words, the app translates into a useful and hassle-free companion for conference delegates. There are no books/papers to carry; users can view and plan their personal event timetable, look up speaker information, see their location on a floor map and perform various additional activities that even a physical event guidebook would not allow.

Event managers and organizers can use this as an extension of their printed event guide, and instantly communicate live updates, announcements and bulletins. Sponsors and participants can also use this application as a platform for event marketing. The client will be adding select future events to this application on an ongoing basis.

The application adds another feather to the already glowing cap of Web Spiders as a premier provider of custom app solutions that have been founded on the powerful and flexible event2mobile platform.

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