June 17, 2009

Mobile Marketing: The iPhone effect!

mobile marketing

iPhone 3G is now available at just $99! Wireless experts estimate that the price cut alone may increase demand for the iPhone by at least an extra 10%. The new price will help Apple reach new buyers who are more budget-conscious, and yet want the iPhone experience. According to research conducted by the Yankee Group, the premier technology research and consulting company, 41% of 1,500 Americans surveyed would choose an iPhone over a regular phone as their next mobile device.

As Nielson reports, 40 million people in US alone access their mails through mobile devices… the figure is set to rise even further. This tidbit only proves the scope of mobile marketing. With more and more users logging in through their mobile devices, marketing seems to be the only logical step forward.

The mobile advertising market will be worth $5.7 billion by 2014, and will increasingly be seen as a very important medium for global marketers, predicts analyst firm Juniper Research.

A few more interesting facts and figures that point to an explosive growth of mobile marketing:

• According to IT Facts 2.3 trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally by the year 2010.
• More than 3.1 billion people are using regular mobile phones, which can be tapped for the future iPhone market

According to Airwide Solutions’ survey of 50 major companies,

• 89% of major brands plan to market via mobile phones
• 40% of major brands have deployed text messaging (SMS) campaigns
• 18% of major brands have deployed multimedia messaging (MMS) campaigns

iPhone has had a major role to play in this phenomenon, and it continues to contribute to the growth of mobile marketing. The still untapped market for iPhones is sure to be exploited rapidly with the new revised pricing for iPhone 3G. More and more apps being designed keeping iPhones in mind; there are around 50,000 applications currently available in the iPhone App Store, and the number is growing daily.

According to Evan Neufeld , senior analyst at mobile measurement firm M:Metrics, “No organization or brand can afford to be left behind in the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace, so the most important thing for brands to take away from this report is to start today and begin to realize the potential of this powerful new medium.”

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