May 14, 2010

Mobile Marketing in Times to Come

It is necessary for entrepreneurs to understand how business can use mobile marketing to attain a well planned consistent progress in a short span of time.
Messaging services: Mobile messaging services like SMS (Short Message Service) as well as MMS (Multimedia Message Service) are already very popular among people of all age groups. In order to use this service as a marketing tool for your business, you need to acquire the permission from prospective customers so that you can send them SMS or MMS messages.
A texting number will be assigned to you where your clients can send subscription requests. Make sure to add this feature on your website, marketing email or business presentations.
Mobile Applications: Now-a-days every business requires a mobile application. This trend might diminish the need for domain names in times to come. You can use mobile applications as an effective tool for your branding purposes. You can discuss with a marketing expert about the numerous avenues in this context. The cost of mobile application development can range from low to high, depending on various attributes like interface functionality, database use and Internet streaming.
Mobile Websites: A website designed specifically for the mobile interface is a mobile website. On a mobile version of a business website, visitors need not zoom in while viewing your website. The mobile website will be a simple version of your business website with specific functionalities that the visitors require.
Mobile Advertising: You can have text advertising such as Google ads and banner advertising directly on your mobile devices. You can send push-ads via mobile advertising networks like AdMob and Quattro.

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