December 08, 2011

Mobile Games Dominate iPhone App Market... Anyone Surprised?

Did you know that 52% of adult Americans have played mobile games, and that around 33% of mobile phone users play games on the devices almost regularly? Indeed, these astonishing stats were found in a recent survey conducted by game developer giant, PopCap.

Nielsen also had stats along the similar line to display, after a recent study carried out among iPhone users in the US. They found that an average iPhone user spends somewhere around 15 hours each month playing games on the device. However, what was most interesting to note was that 93% of users involved in the study revealed that they were ready to pay for game apps. This is quite a bit more than users ready to pay for productivity apps (only about 84%).

These stats leave no doubt that game apps are quite a bit more popular than productivity apps, at least on the iOS platform. As social gaming catches up, we can certainly expect to see game apps probing even deeper into wallets of customers. Here’s an interesting thought – could promoting brands through games be the best promotional tactic on the mobile platform, then? Well, the stats sure seem to indicate that, don’t they?

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