March 11, 2010

Mobile Apps That Function Better Than Websites

Web companies have been in the mobile app-building spree for some time now and many have realized that the mobile platform supports their services better than computers. is a standing example of this kind of a mobile app that has outperformed its website. This real estate website gives details about homes and prices which people find even more convenient to access while on the go. The mobile app for Zillow has an integrated GPS which enables people to find out details about a particular plot or home they happen to see while they are passing by.

Zillow’s chief executive Rich Barton says that this kind of field experience is more rewarding than surfing on the Internet. More than a million people have downloaded Zillow’s app and approximately two million homes are viewed via smartphones. Real estate agents and local businesses also utilize this platform for advertisements. There are many other phone applications that have been developed and optimized in such a manner that they work way better than websites.

You can read the full story here.

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