Mobile App Trends – The New Year Predictions

January 10, 2011

Mobile App Trends - The New Year Predictions

Spare a thought about the state of mobile apps just a year ago – they were pretty focused, but distinctly on mundane tasks such as messaging, security solutions, and a few customized spheres. Think about these apps now. These applications are no longer limited by the tolerance of marketing risk. From business and education to health services and peer group demands, these tools are used everywhere.

Wow! That’s what I call ‘change’.

With the Webby Awards being introduced, mobile app developers are trying their best to create the ‘killer app’ that will stir every mobile user’s imaginations and generate a whole lot of recurring revenue. As we step into the new decade of the millennium, industry analysts have started predicting what might happen in the world of mobile apps in 2011. Here are some of the most argued predictions for the New Year:

  • Great visual designs will simply command more attention – As the Windows Phone 7, Droid, iPhone 4 came into the forum, smartphone lovers became more obsessed with good visual designs in the last year. So in 2011, quite naturally you can expect that mobile app developers will concentrate their forces to elevate the intuitive design within the apps manufactured and marketed by their organization.
  • Further market fragmentation – In 2010 it was clearly noticeable that mobile app developers had to focus on distinctive zones relating to software development and creative designs. Some of them were pushed to concentrate in specializing with smartphones, Touch and so forth; while others were busy specializing in specific platforms like IOS, .NET, Silverlight, and MonoDroid. Thus in 2011, you can be rest assured that app developing agencies will try and stick to their strengths in app designing, and will also indulge in creating mobile strategies (of course, supported by apps).
  • Apps will probably replace websites – The more people go crazy about apps, more are the chances that these software portals will replace the websites that are being used. Many websites such as Netflix and Amazon are actually applications, and this app trend will ultimately ring the death knell for the old-school “brochure sites”.

Now, if you are willing to take your business to a high pedestal – what you really need is a strategic approach to application monetization. And, mark my words when I say that it won’t be long before you enjoy an increased web presence!

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