April 12, 2010

Mobile Advertising with iAd: Latest From the iPhone Stable

With the advertisement world experiencing an all time high, most of the major companies are evolving different ways to catch up with this rising trend, make profits for themselves, and try to outsmart their competitors at the same time. The most recent form of advertising, known as mobile advertising has been developed by Apple in their iPhone. This new feature, known as the iAd, would enable advertisers with a yet unmatched combination of high interactivity and emotion in the iPhone ads, very similar to television ads.

There would be additional features such as the ability to play games in an ad, detect your location, buy products in an ad, ability to play another ad by simply shaking the iPhone and returning to the previously playing application once the ad is over. Apple has even proposed to pay about 60% of the total sale revenues to the developers.

Further information about the iAd can be obtained by clicking here.

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