March 12, 2010

Microsoft Apps now on Chinese Androids

Amidst Google’s confusing battle with China, Motorola has now announced that it would use Microsoft applications on Android phones in China. Microsoft’s Bing will be made available to the new Android phones as well as those already in the market. Google had said that it will postpone the availability of its mobile applications on Androids from China, leaving phone companies like Motorola in the lurch.

Motorola has now joined hands with the Redmond software giant to launch mobile Bing. Androids will now have a Bing browser bookmark, along with a Bing search widget. However, Bing will not be the default search engine. Motorola has announced that its Chinese Androids would provide the user with the option of choosing their own search engine and the local Chinese Baidu search engine, would be one of the many.

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