April 30, 2010

Microsoft actively supports PHP developers with new SQL Server driver

drupal CMSMicrosoft continues to support PHP 2.0 developers through new tools, this time through a driver especially developed for linking SQL Server databases with PHP data objects (PDO). This, according to Ashay Chaudhary, program manager for the driver development project, “will reduce the complexity of targeting multiple databases and will make it easier to take advantage of SQL Server features (like business intelligence & reporting) as well as SQL Azure features (like exposing OData feeds)”.

The step will help developers link up SQL databases with Drupal, the popular open source content management system written in PHP, which runs whitehouse.gov, among other websites across the globe. Commerce Guys, an e-commerce company that was actively involved in the driver development project, prepared a demo with Drupal 7 beta version running on SQL server. The demo was presented at the recent DrupalCon conference in San Francisco, in conjunction with the statement from Microsoft.

Read more about the story here.

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