March 20, 2010

mCommerce - Coming of Age

mCommerce is coming of age- a new frontier for merchants all around the world. It is becoming obvious that the trend of modern commerce is moving rapidly towards the mobile Internet platform and the main driving force behind this mCommerce revolution is the fact that consumers have more access to the mobile Web than to a computer at any given time. The need for bringing retailing to the mobile platform has brought together eCommerce and the wireless Web platform enabling customers to buy goods and avail services directly from their phones anywhere, anytime.

Some of the main benefits of mCommerce for both businesses and consumers are:

  • Through mCommerce systems, consumers can cater to their needs spontaneously and take immediate decision
  • No matter where one is located geographically, time-critical situations can be immediately addressed
  • While people are communing, standing in a queue, or walking their dog, they can increase their efficiency and make use of the ‘dead-time’ by performing tasks such as purchasing groceries or stationery on their mobile phones
  • Depending on the day, location, and interests of the user, context-specific services can be offered through mCommerce

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