February 26, 2010

Matt Cutts Happy With Nexus One, Ditches iPhone

Matt Cutts’ new 30 day challenge is to stay without his iPhone. As part of the Google dogfeed process he received the Nexus One in December and few weeks later decided to quit iPhone at least for a month. Matt says that indeed both the Android and iPhone are great OSs but what’s important to him is that he should be able to run or write apps of his choice on his phone.

The Nexus One has voice recognition integrated with all text boxes, it has robust sensors, and once you get use to the high-resolution screen you will hardly desire any other smartphone. Matt goes on to say that he doesn’t buy songs from iTunes,  of eBooks for Kindle for the simple reason that he does not put data where it can’t be retrieved from. He finds that Android gives him more control.

Talking of Matt’s next 30 day challenge – he’s going to (try to) reduce his sugar consumption. Matt we know you love Splenda, candy, and yogurt. So all the best!

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