March 20, 2010

Making Websites Mobile Friendly

Google’s Vice President Andy Rubin predicts that very soon the world will see smartphones with 2Ghz processors; a lot of laptops don’t have such processors. ‘Smarter’ smartphones have reached teenagers, homemakers, professionals, and business people far and wide. All kinds of industries, products, and services are getting searched through smartphones and the numbers have skyrocketed in the recent months.

Getting websites to the mobile platform is something that can’t be done without for all types of businesses. While getting your mobile website designed keep in mind that most relevant information should be placed right on top. Always provide a “back” link as many mobiles do not have a back button. Mobile users interact with your site in a different manner as compared to customers using a PC. Content presented to them should be appropriate for this purpose.

Get more details on how to make your website mobile-friendly here.

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