July 07, 2009

iPhone - The Web Apps solution

Which one of them has more advantages – Native apps or Web apps? The argument continues, and is unlikely to be settled soon. Although currently native apps for the iPhone seem to be all the rage, Web apps can also be very useful. Here are two innovative applications that iPhone users can enjoy.

• Glyphboard 2.0 – A Web-based app for the iPhone created by Neven Mrgan. It is essentially a “character board” for the iPhone. It allows you to use the new copy/ cut/ paste feature to copy some Unicode glyphs—like ♥, ★, or even ✈—and paste them into e-mails, tweets, or anywhere you choose to. Advantage point: You can work on Glyphboard even if your iPhone isn’t connected to a network.

• Nearby – This app is from Flickr’s smart phone-optimized mobile site, m.flickr.com. “Photos taken nearby” feature will work on iPhones running 3.0 or phones based on Google’s Android. This app asks for your current location and then displays photos taken in the nearby area. It allows you to explore your neighborhood and you can keep refreshing the page as you walk around the city, to catch a glimpse of past events in that area.

The bright side of these Web apps is that they can be developed independently without submitting to the scrutiny of App Store reviewers. And these are just two examples of the innovative Web apps which can be used on your iPhone. Want to know more about Web apps and how you can develop apps for your own business requirements? Drop us a line at contact@webspiders.com and we’ll be glad to help you.

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