iPhone Apps That Can Simplify Your Life as an IT Administrator

January 28, 2011

iPhone Apps That Can Simplify Your Life as an IT Administrator

With each passing month, you get to find that more smartphone apps have been released, and they are pretty amazing. Presently, there’s an app for almost everything. While some of these apps are downloaded and used just for cherishing the experience – some of them are significantly useful and offer a varied multitude of services.

Talking about smartphone apps, your attention will surely be captured when you come across iPhone apps (especially the ones which are supported by powerful and versatile application software). And, it’s rather easy to find good apps – Apple App Store is the place you need to be!

According to Gartner, about 90% of app downloads in 2010 came from Apple’s App Store. And, with the introduction of tablets, app downloads are sure to explode in next few years.

Now, these aren’t mere figures. These statistics closely reveal that iPhone apps have been downloaded not only for fun, but also for catering to a series of business needs. There are many sophisticated iPhone apps that can ease your daily work routine as a system or network admin. You would get to see that many system engineers and analysts are carrying a notebook and data card, or a majority of them are simply carrying a smartphone (of course, iPhones more likely) with equivalent capabilities. This makes their work a lot easier and effective. So, let’s check out some of the iPhone apps which are popular among IT administrators:

  • Analytics App – This application gives immediate access to Google Analytics, thus allowing a prompt feedback on the Website traffic. When you start using this app, you would understand that it is easier and also quicker than the actual Analytics Website.
  • Network Utility Pro – This popular app offers a lot of capability for its economic value. Almost all utilities that are generally used by IT engineers are known to work well in this software.
  • Network Ping – Being a series of network tests, this app is much preferred when it comes to Pinging. And, this also remembers your past queries and comes at an extremely affordable price.
  • RDP Lite – This free app is a great way to deal with networks containing Windows XP Pro, Vista, or Windows 7 computers. RDP Lite allows remote access of workstations and thus solves all types of logistic issues.

Reviewing the market performance of iPhone apps in 2010, you can easily understand that 2011 will be a period when these apps will undoubtedly command a lot of attention. And, be prepared to find more apps being created specifically for IT guys!

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