April 16, 2010

iPhone And iPad Now Come with 'Glee' Power

Smule collaborates with Fox interactive to showcase ‘The Glee’ on iPad and iPhone. The app (worth $2.99) is available in the comprehensive App Store. The package contains selected elements of ‘Glee’, ‘I am T-Pain’, Chatroulette and Rock band Karaoke to give you a delightful experience.

You need to download the app to get access to Glee songs and then you can sing along with the lyrics on your iPhone or iPad. The facility of pitch control and auto-harmonizing is also available. You can also record your performances and share it on Facebook. You can listen to other people’s performances and add your voice. Smule uses cloud based algorithm to combine the voices together without distortion. The app would be getting updated with new songs in every few weeks and it is perfect for both iPad and iPhone platform interface. This app is highly recommended for all the Glee and music fans.

For more information, click here.

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