May 27, 2010

iPhone and Android Devices: A Market Study

A recent study on the geographic distribution of iPhone and Android devices, by the mobile advertising network, AbMob has revealed predictable metrics. The report also highlighted the ratio the overall iPhone O.S. and Android devices.

The sales estimates report suggests that Android is mostly concentrated in North America. iPhone on the other hand, has captured the overall global market. If the sales data is categorized based on geographic location, it could be observed that North America has 75% of unique Android devices, while Asia and Western Europe come next with 12% and 11% respectively.

The iPhone on the contrary, has 49% of its unique devices in North America, 28% in Western Europe and 14% in Asia. However, Android is quickly capturing the mobile market in the U.S. AdMob’s network found out the number of unique Android devices and iPhone devices is 8.7 million unique and 10.7 million respectively.

Click here for a detailed report.

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