May 06, 2010

iPad Sale Crosses 1 Million: A Social Indicator?

Apple announced the sale of their one millionth iPad on Friday, that is,  just after four weeks of its launch on April 3rd. According to Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, a whopping number of 300,000 iPads were sold within twenty four hours of the launch.

The ongoing trend suggests that Apple’s sale should smoothly hit a one million mark every month and possibly much more once the iPad bangs the international market. The press affirmed yesterday that the App Store now has 200,000 apps, with the number shooting up from 185,000 as recorded three weeks ago. Approximately fourteen million eBooks and apps have been downloaded from the iBookstore and App Store respectively on the iPad, which denotes around fourteen downloads per month per device. The gigantic sales figure conclusively envisions an era of portable keyboard-less elegant computing devices.

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