April 29, 2010

iPad Fuels the Flex vs. Ajax Conflict

The launch of the iPad has spurred an old debate – Which is better, Ajax or Flex. The fact that iPad does not support Flash has not only stirred the dormant argument, but also brought up questions about the future of RIA technology.

Both the technologies are essentially different with a distinct set of strengths and weaknesses. Experts suggest that Apple’s decision has nothing to do with the merit of any technology in particular.

About Flex: Back in 2004, Adobe launched Flex software development kit to create Rich Internet Applications. Adobe’s Flex is a framework that lets a programmer compile an XML based ActionScript into a Flash SWT file. Adobe’s Flash is a widely accepted tool for refreshing websites, appending features like animation and games. However, Flash requires the browser to install the Flash plug-in. This can slow down your system and use more resources than using the native browser JavaScript support.

About AJAX: AJAX is a methodology for producing RIAs. It is normally used on top of web pages to add functionalities like pop ups and shadow boxes, and smart features like drag-and-drop. AJAX is definitely more popular due to its search engine friendly attribute and no Plug-in requirement.

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