May 13, 2010

Introduction to OpenAjax Widgets

The OpenAjax Alliance is an organization of leading vendors, open source projects, and companies using Ajax that are dedicated to the successful adoption of open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies. OpenAjax Alliance set up its IDE Working Group in 2007, with consistent participation from Abiss, Adobe (Dreamweaver), Aplix, Aptana, Dojo Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, GDE Solutions, IBM, Marcos Caceres, Microsoft, RadWebTech, SAP, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO, and WebTide. The primary aim was to spur the growth of sophisticated Ajax tools of both widget-centric designer and code-centric developer types. To accomplish this task, the IDE Working Group designed the OpenAjax Metadata 1.0 Specification, which defines a set of industry-standard metadata defined by the OpenAjax Alliance. This fosters interoperability across Ajax toolkits and Ajax products.

OpenAjax Metadata 1.0 defines metadata for the following:

Ajax widgets (which comprise):

UI controls – UI components such as labels, combo boxes, menu bars, charts, and calendars that some Ajax libraries provide.

Mashup components – Pre-packaged mini-applications (called “widgets” or “gadgets”) that can be combined together within an application (the “mashup”), where the mashup components respond mutually in an intelligent manner.

Ajax APIs – The runtime JavaScript APIs (e.g., classes and methods) that are available for an Ajax library.

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