May 12, 2010

Innovative Android Apps

Android, the mobile phone operating system from Google is getting popular by the day. Over nine thousand apps were added to Android Market in March alone. Here is a rundown of some cool Android apps:
eBuddy – It handles your instant messaging requirements and is compatible with MSN, Gtalk, AIM,ICQ and so on. It has a lucid interface that neatly organizes all your contacts and conversations.
Google Goggles – It is a smart app which can analyze pictures and match them to an online database, thus providing a way to compare prices and determine unknown objects. It can be really impressive at times.
Quick Settings – This app provides quick access to Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data and Bluetooth. Turning these off helps preserve battery life so this is a quick shortcut that saves you traversing through multiple menus.
ShopSavvy – This is an excellent price comparison tool with a barcode scanning ability. It can help you find the right products at the best price.

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