December 09, 2008

Increase your competitive edge with Rich Applications - Join this Webinar

Increase your competitive edge with Rich Applications

Businesses around the world are leapfrogging into the Web 2.0 future with help of Rich Applications. You too can deliver cutting-edge Rich Internet and Mobile Applications cost-effectively. Join this Webinar by Web Spiders and learn how your business can also benefit from RIAs and RMAs.

In this Webinar, Neil Burton, Web Spiders’ Business Development Manager (UK & Europe) will help you discover how to

  • Leverage advanced Web 2.0 solutions to improve your company’s visibility and service
  • Use engaging, highly interactive websites to create unique online experiences
  • Radically increase sales of your products and services through the Internet channel
  • Develop your solutions further/deliver engaging results direct to your end clients
  • Utilize Web Spiders’ global delivery method to increase your profit margins

Register for the Webinar

To register for the Webinar, click here.

Visit to know more about how Web Spiders can help you increase your competitive edge with Rich Internet and Mobile Applications.

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