Increase Conversion with the New Email Experience Manager for Sitecore 9

September 21, 2018

Increase Conversion with the New Email Experience Manager for Sitecore 9

Email Experience Manager

Though email marketing continues to be effective for brand promotion, not every campaign is impactful. That’s because most email campaigns are generic. They are not relevant to the customers and fail to engage.

With powerful features to deeply analyze customer behaviour and sentiment, the new Email Experience Manager (EXM) version 3.5 of Sitecore 9.0.1 helps you create customized content. Together with Customer Experience Platform (Sitecore XP), EXM helps you engage with customers and increases the chances of conversion.

Let us explore the new features of EXM version 3.5 and find out how it can help you create email campaigns with high ROI:

1.  Sitecore EXM version 3.5 lets you gain keen insights into customer behaviour. While planning email campaigns, you can leverage customer insights to craft highly relevant emails. This increases the chances of conversion. What’s more, you can also schedule campaigns as per different time zones!

2.  The new version generates detailed, comprehensive reports, and helps you organize the database on basis of metrics like the number of invalid recipients, the number of unsubscribed contacts, etc. So the next time you launch a campaign, just omit the invalid recipients and unsubscribed contacts to ensure your emails reach the target audience.

3. EXM lets you create custom tokens and personalize email content. For example, when you use token $name$ in the email greeting, it automatically gets replaced with names of the contacts. Such personalized email content attracts customers’ attention and enhances the chances of conversion.

EXM 3.5 of Sitecore 9.0.1 has opened up a new world of possibilities before enterprises. One of the Sitecore partners, Web Spiders can help you unlock the full potential of the new email experience manager to create powerful, customized email campaigns that achieve high ROI. Like what you read? Click here to book a demo!

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