March 05, 2010

In 3 Years' Time Desktops to be Irrelevant, Says Google

John Herlihy, the European Director of Google’s online sales said at the Digital Landscapes conference at UCD that Google has a major orientation towards mobile devices and they will soon gain more significance than desktop PC’s. It is true that Google has exhibited its dedication to lead in the mobile world, moving ahead of the world online. The Android and Nexus One stand testimony to this fact.

The cloud comes to play a major role here, as Google is more concerned about where we store our photos, rather than how we edit them. The cloud is a part of Google’s domain and with most of our online activities being done on the iPad, Nexus One, and such devices where specific needs are addressed by widget-style simple apps, then the importance of desktop PC’s automatically diminishes.

It all depends on what people prefer; the actual users of both desktop PC’s and handheld devices will determine whether Google’s prediction comes true or not.

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