February 20, 2010

If Kodak Has Its Way, iPhone Could Be Banned In The USA

Kodak is chasing after the iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices with touch screens and cameras on issues concerning digital imaging. The claim made by Eastman Kodak is that Apple Computers and Research in Motion have committed infringement of patents. Following this Kodak has gone ahead and requested the U.S. International Trade Commission to prevent importing of smartphones of both companies into the United States. In December last year a similar complaint was lodged by Nokia.

Last year Kodak earned more than $622 million just from intellectual property and expects around $450 million royalty from Samsung in 2010. The company wants a similar agreement with Research in Motion and Apple as well. The USITC will decide in 45 days whether to give the matter a trial within 2011. Kodak has also filed similar suits against LG and Samsung; it has licensing agreements with them and also with Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. With all these lawsuits being filed, complaints made, and with everyone wanting a piece of the pie, the smartphone war has just got murkier.

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