March 23, 2010

iDEN Network For Motorola Android

Motorola’s Android Phone will now run on iDEN Networks. iDEN, a proprietary technology invented by Motorola, offers phone users an instant talk feature similar to walkie-talkies and are hence used in construction or similar industries. Motorola i1 meets a military specification called 810F, which means that it is resistant to blowing rain, dust, shock vibration, extreme temperature, salt fog, humidity, and low pressure.

It also has a 3.1 inch touchscreen with a five megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a microSD memory card slot, a music player and Google mobile services like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Talk. It will come preloaded with Opera Mini 5 browser. The phone will also include Swype, a new technology designed to allow users to type messages quickly using on-screen keyboards.

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