August 03, 2010

HTML5 Inputs and Attribute Support

With HTML5 all set to become the new lingua franca of the Web, questions are popping up from all quarters regarding its true nature and capabilities. There is growing interest all around over this new HTML standard and the excitement is building up with every passing day.

Some typical questions being asked at the moment include, what are the new features that it will support? Will it replace Flash? How can I use it for my website? And, will it support my browser?

As the War of the Browsers rages on silently, and the emergence of a single predominant browser is still a distant possibility, HTML5 developers will have to spend a good part of their time ensuring compatibility across diverse browsing platforms.

Here’s a quick reference guide to help you answer many of your browser-support-related questions.

Click here to find out the latest report on HTML5 inputs and attributes supported by current browser versions.

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