September 21, 2010

HTML5 Adds Polish to New Bing

HTML5 is quickly becoming the darling of the web. Its most famous backer is obviously Steve Jobs and the igadgets, and now even Microsoft is also throwing its admittedly formidable weight behind it via its Bing search engine. Microsoft has recently unleashed a preview of the Bing search engine (click here to see it) with added HTML5 goodness. What it means for you and me is features like support for hardware acceleration, video backgrounds and dynamically displayed search results. And of course, it’s pretty.

In a recent blog Brian MacDonald(Vice President, Bing) said – “Bing was one of several publishers to preview some new possibilities from the combination of fully hardware accelerated HTML5 in IE9… IE9’s implementation of HTML5 is a big step forward because it allows developers to do lots of things more quickly, and utilizes the full power of the PC as well as the web to bring customers richer, more immersive and more beautiful online experiences.

Some standout features that HTML5 will bring to the new Bing are :-

  • Animations on Bing’s home page
  • Smooth transition between queries and results with no page flips
  • Bigger, bolder image and video previews

Read the complete blog entry here

So will a new look and new feel Bing cause even more trouble for Google? Well, according to this study, Google has already lost some of its share to Bing, and a revamped Bing may spell even more trouble for the search engine giant. Whether it will be able to hold on to that momentum or not is another matter entirely. So what do you think? Will new Bing result in Google heartache? Fight it out in the comments.

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