HTML 5 and Drupal – A Marriage Made in Heaven?

July 04, 2011

HTML 5 and Drupal - A Marriage Made in Heaven?

HTML 5 has been gaining popularity among web developers at a steady rate for quite some time now. If you are one of them, surely you must also have heard a lot about this all new avatar of the markup language that you learned in school. However, did you know this version of the HTML is well on the way of being made compatible with Drupal 8? 

This is where you can have the best of both worlds – the advanced features of HTML 5 combined with the easy to use GUI of Drupal. That is, as soon as the development phase is over! Elements of HTML 5 are still being integrated into the Drupal platform, and the first tasks on the board include:

1. Implementing the APIs and HTML markup concept in Drupal: Granted, this step is going to take quite some time to be completed. However, once it is done, you can expect to meld the top of the line security of Drupal with the versatility of HTML 5 and CSS3 seamlessly, creating stuff you could only imagine even a couple years ago.

2. Integrating HTML 5 with themes and functionalities of Drupal: This would be a giant leap for Drupal, and understandably, will take quite some time to be carried out. However, once it is over, you can expect Drupal websites to use HTML 5 features seamlessly. In the long run, this can mean good things for web developers who use both technologies, allowing them to merge features native to both platforms within a single website.

Drupal has always been focused on maintaining website security and HTML on providing advanced features. A seamless combination of these two can revolutionize the field of web development in many ways. Now all that remains to be done is to wait and see how quickly this can be carried out.

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