May 25, 2010

How to Increase Retention in Mobile Applications?

Mobile applications have become synonymous with mobile phones. When we choose a particular model we immediately check out the apps that it supports. Mobile applications generally come in two business models.

  • The first depends on the sale of applications. Retention takes a backseat as long as it can support other downloads.
  • The second model is dependent on user engagement. The application is free and the sale is largely helped user retention.

However, a market survey has revealed that application retention is getting very low as people are deleting an app within a month of downloading it. After some months, the retention percentage is becomes as low as 5%. You need to ensure that the retention factor remains high for your app. That is why we have outlined a few points that can increase retention in mobile applications:-

  • Make your app simple and easy to use. Creating a complex app is of no use because no one will take the time to understand it. They will simply delete it and install another app that is more user-friendly.
  • Your app should not have problems if the operating system of the mobile phone is updated. You have to ensure that your app is compatible with any kind of OS update.

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