May 17, 2010

How to Get Started in Cloud?

Cloud computing has changed the percept of IT infrastructure for businesses. It offers small businesses the liberty to deploy websites and applications quickly, to pay according to usage while not having to deal with management issues. It fosters business growth and success.

Here is a rundown of some useful tips to get started in cloud computing.

Know different options: It is necessary to select the right kind of system when it comes to cloud computing. A platform-as-a-service (PaaS for short) is good for front-end applications and websites. It readily covers most of your start-up infrastructure requirement.  An infrastructure as a service (IaaS for short) provides you access to a command line and gives you the liberty to customize your load balancing, auto-scaling, security and failover settings. However, it needs advanced technical knowledge in system administration. So, if you lack sound technical expertise, it is not advisable to start with IaaS.

Work to implement robustness: It is necessary to make a good backup plan to keep your work going even during a system breakdown. The cloud is not fool proof, but there are certain ways that you can protect yourself at such times. Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan.

Be proficient: Cloud computing is not a quick fix to a poorly written application or database structure. If a database is not set up properly, or code is not optimized, the hosting provider is not to be blamed for performance issues. It is advisable to recruit good developers who can handle the technical aspects.

All applications might not be fit for cloud:  Cloud computing is useful when you need to deploy quickly and at a low cost. However, cloud is not good for every application. If you have high security or bandwidth needs, you will need a more specific and dedicated provider.

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