How To Ensure Prospective Customers Enjoy Browsing Your Mobile Website

December 15, 2011

How To Ensure Prospective Customers Enjoy Browsing Your Mobile Website

Have you recently launched a mobile website that prospective customers can browse, in order to find out about your products and services, or even buy something? Then you need to ensure they are really able to enjoy the time they spend browsing your business website via their mobile handsets. And the best way to do so is to ensure that your website is displayed properly on a wide range of mobile devices.

The term mobile devices no longer applies to just cellphones, but to the whole gamut of devices like smartphones (like iPhone and BlackBerry), iPads, and high end cellphones. As such, you need to ensure that your website can be accessed, without any problem, using all those devices. Here are some pointers to that end:

1. Make sure that the website can be viewed properly under different resolutions. Regular cellphones may not be able to support as high resolutions as the iPad can, but that does not mean your site should support lower resolutions only. Make sure that it can also exploit the large screen of the iPad properly. Also, you can try having different CSS style sheets handy, and make sure that the appropriate one is loaded as soon as device detection is complete.

2. Do not stuff page after page of text content in your mobile website. Granted, you cannot have webpages with large file sizes here, due to limitations in processing power and memory capacity of the devices. However, that should not mean visitors have to scroll through page after page of dry text. Be sure to insert small pictures and small sized media files to break the monotony. Ideally, you can use a CSS file to ensure that visitors accessing your website with different types of mobile devices see different versions of it.

3. Do have high resolution videos and other multimedia files embedded in your website, which visitors using iPads should be able to access. That way, you will be able to take advantage of the large screen of the iPad, and be able to entice your visitors to keep coming back to your mobile website. Also, you can use high quality pictures in the version of your website meant for the iPad.

These are just three of the pointers that might help you ensure that your website is ready to entice visitors using various types of mobile devices. Keep these in mind when you are getting the mobile website developed by a third party developer, or your in-house development team. Be sure to communicate these requirements to them, in order to get maximum benefits from the website.

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