How to Enhance User Experience with Sitecore?

October 10, 2018

How to Enhance User Experience with Sitecore?

Sitecore for enhanced user experience

Sitecore CMS framework can raise user experience. Teams of developers, designers and content marketers can fine-tune pre-launch processes and enhance user experience. A few tips can help them do that easily.

Let’s build enhanced user experience with Sitecore CMS framework

1: Content Optimization: Types of content vary. Content delivery dates also differ. Instead of waiting for an eleventh-hour rush, build content matrices. It will help in delivering different types of content at appointed dates.

2: Uniform User Experience: CMS users have varying sets of skill and permission access. It is better to create a uniform content entry paradigm for all. A unique approach for different user type can create more confusion.

3: CMS Use Cases & Process Flows: Business approach should guide processes like content development, approval and submission. To simplify processes, better to build CMS use cases and process flows.

4: Go Extra Miles: Unlike popular belief, quality of CMS user experience can significantly impact ROI. Page schematics for complex functionalities and key navigation components can simplify processes for end users.

5: Expanded Scopes for Adaptation: Eye on future! We mean offer an experience that can easily adapt to advanced functionalities and latest content types. Keep updated knowledge on CMS technology.

6: Consistency with Business Models: There should be a consistency between user experience and business models. For example, product-centric websites should at first lead users to product category sections. Only in next steps should they be lead towards product attributes’ sections.

Certified Sitecore partners like us develop and design websites and promote services/products keeping an eye on future developments in technology and changing user demands. Hence, to offer enhanced user experience for long periods, reach to us and book a demo.

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