How Could Social Media Marketing Strategies Gain from AI?

August 17, 2018

How Could Social Media Marketing Strategies Gain from AI?

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Have you ever noticed a wonderful thing about your browsing history on social media? Your likes, posts and shares tell a lot about yourself. Think of a technology that can suggest you books based on your frequent visit details on social media (for others, it can be their favourite outfits). Social media marketers can implement this technology as a means of passive marketing. Let us know more about it.

‘Artificial Intelligence’- the Next Big Technology in Social Media Marketing

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the culmination of man’s longtime desire of imbuing intelligence in machines using machine-learning algorithms. In the world of social media marketing, AI can be used in multiple ways. As a business owner/marketing strategist, you can gain a lot from AI.

  • Lead generation: With the help of AI, machines can analyze social speech of specific demographics, predict their preferences and help you decide whether particular products/services are saleable to them or not. Such results are immensely helpful in preparing specific marketing strategies and generating valuable leads.
  • Read the personality: AI helps you gather information on personality traits of social media users, narrow down the target groups and prepare intensely specific marketing strategies.
  • Dedicated, 24*7 customer services: AI can also replace customer service executives with the help of chatbots integrated to social media platforms. Potential customers have many queries and chatbots are playing crucial roles in offering prompt and to-the-point responses.

Chatbots like ZOE chat can be integrated with Facebook Messenger app. Customers can place their queries on ZOE chat and receive real-time responses.

Unlike other chatbots, ZOE chat can answer a query asked in multiple ways (just as we humans do) and offer enhanced user satisfaction. While taking a tour of your social media business page, users can gather information on your products/services via ZOE chatbot. It also helps your marketing team to filter out the list of potential buyers and send it to the sales team for further proceedings.

Prior to the integration of AI, marketing professionals would analyze the personalities of social media users through metrics like advertisement click-through rates. It is no more required. Integration of chatbots (like ZOE chat) with social media apps is enhancing the extent of user contentment.

As because the world of AI technology is in its nascent phase, we can expect better results for businesses in the future. To integrate the best practices of social media marketing with AI, you should keep your options open.

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