How AI Robot ZOE is Effectively Capturing Leads for this Manufacturing Company

July 02, 2019

How AI Robot ZOE is Effectively Capturing Leads for this Manufacturing Company

While B2C verticals such as e-commerce, travel, and financial services are more popularly known to leverage customer service automation tools, manufacturing companies are yet to optimize their lead capturing techniques.

In this impulse-driven world where over 75% of digital users expect to receive an instant response from customer support, more and more businesses are depending on conversational AI assistants to bolster their customer service team.

Although many B2B organizations aren’t too sure of utilizing the power of automation tools such as AI-rich chatbots or AI robots, top manufacturing brands are already counting their lead capturing figures shoot up more than ever. How? Let’s find out with a real-world example.

Leading manufacturer of concrete building and hardscape products, Belgrad, joined hands with power-packed AI robot for customer service, ZOE. What transpired is a significant growth in lead engagement and hassle-free customer service.

  • Less of a Robot, more of a Personality!

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AI robot ZOE is not just a poker-faced robot that talks like a machine. Belgrad’s information-intensive AI robot has a name – Laura. It doesn’t pop in your face with a generic “Ask me a question”. It comes up with options that can keep the user intrigued and make them ask more about their products.

  • Engages with leads, on the go! 

Lead engagement

Laura has most of the answers up its sleeves (or server). Besides responding to the leads, it also engages the lead with small talk and collects the necessary information for further follow-up.

  • Never keeps the customers waiting

Image 2

Whenever you look for any queries online, don’t you expect an instant response? Then why would you keep your customers or potential leads waiting when they have questions to ask about your products. Few will care to call or fill up a long form. Laura never keeps the users waiting. It comes up with a relevant response in less than a second. 

  • Automated CRM integration

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As soon as Laura captures the lead information, it automatically integrates it with the CRM to instantly allocate it to the respective sales rep to initiate the lead follow-up process.

  • Automatically detects the Location  

Location detector

Laura is smart enough to detect the location of the user and ask if the requirement if within the vicinity.

  • Stores all the records

Image 4

We often need to put the pedal to the metal to get relevant leads. Laura keeps a record of all the visitors with their details. This is an important activity to capture leads and follow-up with them.

  • Detects mistakes


Laura makes sure the information it collects from the leads is accurate. As soon as the user enters an incorrect input, Laura prompts to rephrase the information.

Besides, it also provides data encryption ensuring high-grade security round-the-clock.

Are you considering lead capturing and customer service automation like Belgrad for your business? Here’s how ZOE can help.

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