July 06, 2009

Handy Twitter Apps for a Heady Experience

Twitter has helped destroy a number of barriers to speedy communication. It’s a virtual ballroom with third party apps being created consistently to improve the experience. There are quite a few third party “apps, visualizers and geegaws” that might interest you. Check out a few here.

* TweetDeck
A desktop program to provide a dashboard view of your Twitter universe. You can post from TweetDeck. You can also create custom groups of Twitter users on your list to see tweets from professional or personal follows in different panes.

* bit.ly
An account on bit.ly allows you to shorten the URL and post to Twitter within the same screen. It also allows you to post on multiple Twitter accounts. Bonus: bit.ly also keeps track of how often your URLs gets clicked.

* TwitPic
It helps you post pictures to Twitter. Upload your picture to TwitPic through your mobile device or through a Web interface, and TwitPic posts a link to the picture to your Twitter account.

* BackTweets
Because most links posted to Twitter have been shortened, this app helps find tweets that link to your URL (could be your domain or a specific webpage. BackTweets unravels those shortened URLs to show you a list of tweets that link to your site.

* Twitter Tools (WordPress plugin)
A WordPress plugin, it allows you to sync your WordPress blog to your Twitter account. You can pull in your tweets into your blog or vice versa. It also posts a link to Twitter automatically when you update your blog.

* Twitter Search
Twitter’s search page lets you dig through the massive amount of tweets. You can search by categories like “tweets to” or “tweets from”. A sidebar is also provided to see keywords that are hot at the moment.

Interested in creating a useful custom application for your business? Just drop us a line at contact@webspiders.com and we’ll help you build the perfect app for your requirements.

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