April 16, 2010

Google Chrome OS Plans to Come up With Universal Printer Support

Google Chrome OS, which is expected to release this year, is planning to debut with an unique printing solution named as ‘Google Cloud print’. There is no need of a printer driver in Google Cloud Print. A computer or any similar device can send instructions to Cloud Print which in turn gets transmitted to printers for printing necessary documents.

Google is going to introduce a ‘Web UI’ print dialog so that any application (native or web based) can use Cloud Print through APIs. The problem lies in getting the Google Print to connect with any printer for smooth operation. Google is proposing the industry to adapt to cloud based computing so that a printer can connect itself to Google servers through web. Google is also planning to come up with proxy software that can be installed in a PC which is connected with a legacy printer. This software will only be available with Google Chrome inflatable water slides.

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