February 24, 2010

Get Ready for Smarter Smartphones in 2010

The previous year had a massive inflow of smartphones right from the iPhone and N900, to Palm Pre. But it doesn’t end there as the next generation smartphones are going to bring in a lot of developmental change and carry forward the smartphone boom in 2010 as well. Among the major trends of 2010 will be the coming of Firefox, the biggest rival of Internet Explorer, to the mobile platform. The Firefox mobile browser has desktop-mobile session synching and tabbed browsing among other features and customizable choices.

The ultra-fast ‘Mini’ mobile browser for the iPhone is also expected to make a huge splash this year. This is yet to hit the App Store approval, an when it does it claims to be able to load pages almost six times faster than Safari, the iPhone’s current browser. The next big thing is going to be the running of Flash 10.1 on a many smartphone platforms. Palm Pre and Android handsets will have the facility to download Flash 10.1 and several other top manufacturers have agreed to support it. But with Apple not on board, iPhone users will be dealt a harsh blow. Nokia’s Symbian will be going open source, thus allowing app development on a large scale, and Samsung is said to be releasing their very own operating system. The plate seems to be full, and you bet there are plenty of takers.

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