July 06, 2010

Get HTML5 Video Support For Your Site

Implementing HTML5 video support for your website is an easy process if you follow these steps. Most browsers already support the <video> tag. You need to convert your videos to formats that are compatible with HTML5 and then provide user interface controls for the videos.

First, you have to convert the video compression into HTML5 supported codecs. You will need to download a converter to help convert your video. Then you can download a HTML5 player. There are several free and open source players available and each offer different features like playlists, static image, and browser detect. You have to then embed the player script to your site. It may include JavaScript files that have to be included in your headers. You must replace the Flash video embed code with the given video tag and provide the sources. You have to give the locations of the video, the width and height of the player, and a static image that will be displayed before the video is loaded and played.

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