May 19, 2010

Geo-Location With Drupal

Enterprises that aspire to offer resources with a geographical location through their Websites can revamp their customer experience in a unique way. This can be accomplished by providing geographical information related to a particular place. The simplest way to do this is by displaying the location on a map. If you have similar requirements, you can use Drupal because it has numerous modules designed specifically to display and manage geographical data.

Location module is one of the most accepted modules in the Drupal community. This provides the capacity to assemble information related to addresses that can be associated not only to nodes, but also to individual users. You can set multiple locations per node or user in order to provide the users the ability to mention their home and work addresses. Users can also associate phone and fax numbers to locations, geographical search featuresGigantiske vannsklie, etc. Besides, there is a dedicated module named GMap that provides the ability to generate maps through the Google Maps API. GMap contains a sub-module that integrates with the Location module to render the capability to select location from a map or display locations through Google Maps when viewing a node associated with one or more locations by retrieving the latitude and longitude figures of the location.

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