From Web Spiders to WS – a 15-year Journey (More than 100-feet!)

May 01, 2015

From Web Spiders to WS - a 15-year Journey (More than 100-feet!)

Year 2000. Web Spiders was a name that stuck in the minds of visitors at trade shows. It made interesting conversation as we explained our creative logic for branding ourselves after our eight-legged friends. Over the years, Web Spiders became a name that we used extensively in conversations, in reams of paper and of course, online.

I remember how upset we would be if anyone spelt the name in any other way except Web Spiders. It was an identity, close to us, and a name that stood the test of time as we grew from a 3 people start-up to close to 300 today.

Year 2015. Time flies. Today Web Spiders covers services in mobility, web and as you might have already guessed, content. Somehow, the name surrounded us like a comfortable shirt, which we had outgrown with the passage of time and maybe it was time for a burst of new creativity as well.

360 degrees. Complete end to end solutions for marketers is the way Web Spiders evolved. Thus it was natural for us to look at a circular structure and one that could still contain the strong remnants of a name that stood the test of time.

Web Spiders to WS - Rebranding

The simple line of celebrating 15 years, completed the ‘look’ for us and once again, we had a talking point when presenting the company to new clients.

Like all things tech, acronyms are a way of life. Thus Web Spiders moves to being WS, still retaining the old as it gets a new coat of paint. To top it off, the complete rebranding exercise was done in-house, and of course, we were a nightmare to work with as a client!

~Kavita Jhunjhunwala

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