June 19, 2009

From 'Parking' to 'Pandora' - iPhone Apps to make your life easier

iPhone is so much more than just a phone; it’s a mobile computer that happens to fit right into your pocket. With 50,000 mobile apps already available in the Apple App Store (with the number growing daily), there’s not much that you cannot do with your iPhone.

Since we’re in the business of developing original iPhone Apps, ranging from business to gaming and utilities, we thought it’d be fun to give you a preview of all that the mighty iPhone is capable of, when you add some innovative third-party apps in the mix.

Here’s a select few that would make your life a whole lot easier:

• Remote
The iPhone can become a remote control for your computer .This app allows you to pause, fast-forward, rewind a currently playing track or switch to a different playlist altogether.

• Yelp
If you’re looking for quick information, it helps you find neighborhood restaurants, discos and banks using the iPhone’s built-in GPS. It also offers thousands of reviews from its regular user base. Other similar apps are UrbanSpoon and Vindigo.

• Parking
This app provides a timer and GPS location tracking, to help you avoid getting a parking ticket.

• Stanza
If reading is your passion, then Stanza offers you a great solution for your mobile reading needs. You’ll find free classics from a large library of public domain titles. Over 20,000 books have already been downloaded by Stanza users.

• Pandora
Tired of listening to the same iTunes songs in your library everyday? Pandora provides you with a stream of new songs daily. They are customized according to your personal favorites (songs and artists). Just list your favorites and this app will create customized radio channels according to your taste and preferences.

• ShoZu
Do you love taking pictures and showing them to the world through Facebook or your blog? ShoZu makes it easy to connect to umpteen online services, and you can post your images on multiple sites with minimum effort.

• FlightTrack Pro
Another interesting app designed for frequent flyers; it provides real-time flight updates from around the world. It also provides alerts about flight delays and airport closure warnings.

Quite a useful collection, isn’t it?

And oh, did we mention that you can also use the iPhone to make calls?

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