August 31, 2010

Fortnight in Review: Full Site Development Solutions for UK-Based Salon Marketing Portal and Swedish Site for World-Renowned Liquor Manufacturer

At the end of another busy fortnight, Web Spiders recently concluded working on two important web development projects – one for a famous UK-based salon marketing portal and another for a highly reputed international liquor manufacturer for their Swedish site.

For the Swedish site, Web Spiders used a range of technologies and platforms including ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server and Adobe Flex. The site was developed in the Swedish language to facilitate local usage.

One of the most interesting functionalities of the site was letting bar and restaurant owners create unique cocktail menus online. The site used an easy-to-use interface which allowed users to create these menus in simple steps. What’s more, official company representatives can create customers and place orders on their behalf which were available in high resolution print-ready PDF’s which were automatically generated from the Admin section.

For the Salon portal, the technologies used were ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server and Adobe Flex. The site allowed salons in UK to customize marketing materials online and place orders. The easy to use interface allowed users to customize templates in simple steps and the site featured a highly attractive design. The high-res PDF generation functionality for orders which have been successfully placed was built in for this site too.

These projects mark a noteworthy addition to the long list of cutting-edge websites developed by Web Spiders for national and international clients.

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