July 30, 2010

Fortnight in Review: Custom iPod Touch Application for the West Virginia Department of Education

Web Spiders recently concluded working on a project for the West Virginia Department of Education who wanted to enhance electronic health record keeping, (which includes height and weight with calculation of BMI; health screening and immunization) by providing a controlled setting for the entry of health screening of data through the use of handheld Apple iPod Touch units.

The application synchronizes with the West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS) student records, for the downloading of roster information into iPod Touch, and the uploading of specific health data into WVEIS.

Web Spiders not only provided the solution and developed an application for iPod Touch, but also made it compatible with iPhone & iPad devices. The application was so developed that it uses secure (SSL) protocol to get data from the central database, and stores the same into native SQLite database associated with the application, where users can enter information and save, even when not connected with Internet. The data can then be posted back to the central server, when the user is in a Wi-Fi zone.

The application is optimized to handle student data with records surpassing 2,500 at times. The interface has been intuitively designed that even a layman user can understand and use with ease.

This custom application adds another feather to the cap of Web Spiders, noted for developing high-quality applications for a diverse cross-section of clients.

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