May 13, 2010

Flash Roadmap for 2010

The announcement of the immediate availability of Flash Access 2.0 on May 11, 2010, is an important section of the Flash roadmap for 2010. The Flash Media Rights Management Server 1.0, now known as the digital rights management (DRM) solution offers a better modularized attempt to licensing and encryption. Yet, Flash Access 2.0 has to wait to work with full-fledged efficiency until two vital tools are launched – Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

The reference of the Adobe MAX conference will help explain the situation. The event was held in Los Angeles in October, where Adobe representatives commenced a conference to discuss DRM and HTTP delivery for content, since both have been a primal issue for content owners and delivery networks, respectively.

The issue was that Flash streaming video was delivered by Adobe via RTMP which was a proprietary delivery transport protocol. Till then there were no means to encrypt bits once delivered to a desktop player. Lack of encryption and proprietary issue caused dissatisfaction among premium content owners. Adobe found a quick fix to the issue and moved to open source RTMP while promising a basic DRM solution for bit encryption.

Flash Access 2.0 is the actualization of the promise. Adobe accepted the fact that it received significant information from feedback on the original Flash DRM solution. The company said that Flash Access shifts from the idea of just having the transport pipe encrypted (key feature of RTMP-E) to having all the bits of the content encrypted.

Flash Player 10.1 is available in beta form, allows for generic H.264 hardware acceleration of playback, to deliver content to full-screen using the discrete graphics processors (GPUs: Graphics Processing Units) available in all desktop and laptop computers.

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